Rock for Vets

The Rock Club's Music Programs are often the first step in recovery because the participant begins with the safety of a musical instrument in a non judge-mental environment of peers.  Recovery empowers the participants to take charge of his/her way of like and live a full and meaningful life.  Our approach focuses on the individual's strengths and gives respect, honor, and hope to our nation's heroes and their families and the future in our youth today.

Coordinated care and multiple disciplines directed at participants as well as satisfying social interaction and being supportive are just as important to mental health as to physical health. The Rock Club's Music Programs is sensitive to gender & cultural issues - because the program is experiencial particpants understand military culture or school life, gender differences, and ethnic issues. We have become a life line in the survival of homeless, former substance abusers and participants who may not have anyone left in their life.  We have become a family and provide emotional support along the journey while the participant becomes more confident through playing music that they have something to offer not only their loved ones but also society.

We provide music instruction/education, coaching and mentoring to all participants.

Objective: 1. Individuals will learn how to play music, sing and fully participate in a music educational/instructional program designed to improve their mental health, well being and interpersonal skills as measured by improved relationships with family and friends and an ability to become further engaged in society.

Objective: 2. Participants will perform at numerous venues employing not only their newly acquired musical skills but also by employing the ability to remove the barriers that have kept them from fully participating in society.

Objective: 3. Through mentoring, musical coaching and group dynamics, is measured by participants being less inclined to engage in destructive life habits, drugs and alcohol and improve self esteem and interpersonal, communication and socialization skills.

Frank McIlquham, Founder

Jerry Salas, Head Coach Rock For Vets and Youth