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Album Notes

Salas consists of Jerry Salas Lead Singer of legendary latin rock band El Chicano who sang the hit single “Tell Her She’s Lovely”. Jerry recorded six albums on MCA with El Chicano and one on Shadybrook records before leaving to record with Earth Wind & Fire guitarist Roland Bautista at ABC records. During this time Jerry tourd with ZZ Top, Marvin Gay,The Jacksons,Blue Oyster Cult,Temptations,Electric Light Orchestra , Earth Wind & Fire and Santana to name a few. On the new CD Jerry shared production chores with John Avila former bass player and co-producer of Oingo Boingo with Danny Elfman. Also featured is Fred Mandel of Queen,Elton John,Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper fame. Sharing vocal are Amanda & Sara Salas with Sara doing a beautiful lead on the song “The Best Of Your Life.

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You Will Always Be Loved

You will always be loved 

Shut Up

Shut Up 

Best of Your Life

Best of your life 

A Women Like You

A women like you 

Everything I Feel

Everything I feel 

Because of You

Because of you 

Blood to Blood

Blood to blood  

Everlasting Love

Everlasting love 

Hiding My Emotions

Hiding my emotions