El Chicano


Freddie was a visionary from the start, when he first started a group named the “VIP’s” that would eventually become El Chicano. His vision was always based on the sound he could hear in his head and felt in his heart. He went after players that could accomplish that feeling he got playing the bass, the feeling he sought that turned out to be the original El Chicano sound and that is heard on the opening bass line in “Viva Tirado”, along with the great talented musicianship of the original E.C. players. Freddie was a major part of all the early E.C. success. After leaving the group to pursue his enthusiasm for other business ventures, he returned after many years to become El Chicano’s manager. One night when he couldn’t get a bass player to do a show, he stepped in and it was like he had never left. Freddie has been playing ever since and enjoying the feeling once again with the El Chicano sound and sharing the stage with some of the great players in the El Chicano lineup today.


Jerry is the voice behind the Smash hit “Tell Her She’s Lovely”. He recorded five albums with El Chicano and contributed many of his own compositions. Jerry’s unique vocal styling brought a rock edge to the established sound of the group, while his guitar work highlighted the sound with harmonies that had not been used until he became a part of the band. His energy and spirit have always been in the forefront of his contributions to the El Chicano legacy and sound. After being gone for awhile to pursue a solo career and devote himself to his family, he is now back in the lineup, once again bringing the positive energy only he can provide – not only in performance but to anyone he touches with the gift that he has been given.


Bobby – the man behind the Hammond organ on “Viva Tirado” and all the other hits from El Chicano. He has recorded on every song the group has ever released and has developed an unmistakable sound that is a true compliment to his mastery of that keyboard instrument, a mixture of Blues, Jazz and Rock, but with a Latin attitude, making it completely unique on all levels. Bob also possesses a great voice and has been the lead vocalist on many of his own compositions. He has never stopped performing and touring. His love of music is evident in all of the recordings he has been a part of for over forty years! Early 2010 brought the passing of this musical Icon. ( RIP Brother Bobby )


Rudy is the man that took El Chicano to another level of Latin rhythms, adding heat to their live shows and opening the doors for the music to evolve. Considered by his peers as one of the top percussionists in the world, when Rudy get’s on stage, the word “passion” comes to mind. He has performed with many major stars in the music field and is always in demand with the huge network of artists that know his talent. Rudy is also maestro of his own great salsa orchestra “Chevere” – his favorite word. He is considered a true El Chicano original with his superb technique and musical heart. ( RIP Brother Rudy )


Mickey with his legendary West Montgomery style has played on every album recorded by El Chicano starting with the first hit single “Viva Tirado”.