El Chicano 1973 This was my first album with El Chicano and it was thier fourth. It was recorded at Larabee Studios. We had a ball. I got to include a song that I co-wrote with my brother as a teenager “Enchanted Forest”.

El Chicano 1973 1974 We recorded this album after returning from our central america tour. We were quite influenced by the local music and even found a song “Children Children” that we recorded. It was the bands fifth album hence the title “Cinco”.

El Chicano 1975 1976 The Best of Everything

Pyramid of Love and Friends 1976 1977 Someone happend to come to a rehersal with this picture etched on leather and in color. We loved it so much that we thought it would be perfect for the album cover. We came up with a name and wrote a song for it.

This is El Chicano 1977 1978 We simply called the album “This is El Chicano” because the group litterally produced everything.

Bautista Heat of the Wind 1978 1988 My good friend Roland Bautista asked me to sing on his solo album and start a band with him, so we did. It was produced by the legendary horn player from the Crusaders, Wayne Henderson on ABC Records.

Viva El Chicano 1988 1998 I was very happy that MCA wanted to put this one out and pleased with the song selection.

Re- Issue This is El Chicano 1998 2004 The Re-issue of “This is El Chicano” made us happy, especially with the new art work inside and out

El Chicano the Millennium Collection 2004 This was a big deal for us for a band of hispanic guys who had enough albums and history to put a 20th Century Millennium collection out and along side of “The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Olivia Newton John” who by the way used to open for us.